landsglobal, LLC is a company dedicated to providing international medical device companies with import/distribution services and marketing consultation in the United States. landsglobal’s mission is to become the leader in assisting our clients with introducing and delivering their innovative and advanced products to the worldwide medical community. Our management team possesses strong medical, legal, regulatory, business, and marketing knowledge and experience, and can provide one-stop full-services to our customers in branding their product, import/distribution, US FDA pre-market submission, GMP compliance support, and marketing research and analysis. Through scientific knowledge and experience, maintaining excellent business relationships, and emphasizing quality, value-driven service to our clients, we strive to meet the needs of our customers wherever, whenever, and however we can.


landsglobal's focus is to directly impact the international medical community by providing a full array of products, services and support to global leaders in the medical device industry. While introducing and distributing the most significant, efficient, and value-driven products available to the world, we recognize the need to place a significant focus on safety, effectiveness and value.


Latest News! May 2015.
(Taipei, Taiwan)  landsglobal sponsored an educational symposium on Regenerative Medicine Technologies for Peripheral Nerve Repair, and introduced nerve repair solutions and concepts newly available to the Taiwan/Asia market.
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